Simple Routine to Train for Success

Success is not a destination. It is a journey.  How many of you actually plan your day and how many of you just wing it? Remember, when you want to have a party, you plan that party in intimate detail.  Why is it that most people don’t plan their life?

The brain is the most intricate and complex computer that you could imagine.  It is extremely logical and directive.  Your conscious mind tells your unconscious mind what to do and it is done.  The conscious mind works through the use of thoughts in the form of statements or pictures.  The unconscious mind will just carry out what the conscious mind asks for, good or bad.  It is logical to assume that positive thoughts will yield positive results and that negative thoughts shall yield negative results.  Unfortunately, human nature is more negative than positive. Therefore you must fill your mind with positive thoughts rather than negative ones.  The really cool thing about your mind is when given a choice between a positive thought and a negative one, the brain will always pick the positive thought.  With this in mind we can start to construct a system that will deliver more positive messages to your unconscious mind than negative ones.  This is the start of your success Marathon.

A simple roadmap to follow would be to construct a list of positive thoughts and actions that you can do throughout your day.  After the completion of that thought or action make sure that you check it off and congratulate yourself for a job well done.  Doing this on a consistent basis will bring your brain into alignment of positive results rather than negative ones.  The statement is logical and is true.  The implementation of the concept is much more complex and difficult.  You must rearrange your thinking process into a positive one rather than a negative one.  Statements like “I really stink at this task” may be replaced by “I can see some improvement in doing this task”.  Over a period of time, you will start to retrain your thinking process.  The end result is a change and the change will yield you the rewards that you really want in life.

The vast majority of successful people will tell you that the most difficult change they made in their life was to be able to direct their thoughts in a positive direction.  However, once you are able to do that, your entire life will shift and your results will be more satisfactory.

Now go for that brass ring that you’ve always wanted.  As the famous motivational speaker Zig Ziegler said “I will see you at the top!”

Dr. Harris Cohen
To learn more about about Dr. Cohen and view his new book, please visit his website


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