There are few days in the year where you really contemplate where you’ve been and where you want to go.  The most important of these days is your birthday.  I’m sure that when you were young you would wake up to the clamoring of cheers and that famous”Happy Birthday song”.  As the years pass that song now is song by your children and then if you’re lucky enough your grandchildren.  The song wishes you a successful day. 

            What goals or outcomes have you set for the coming year?  Are they goals of success or just another year of the same old situation?  On this day I have been truly blessed by getting wonderful messages my family and friends and then tonight giving a talk about negotiating with your brain for success. 

            Through the years, I have formulated a definite set or pattern of circumstances that I go through in order for my thoughts to be as positive as possible.  It took a period of time to develop this type of discipline.   I will tell you that the process was worth the work.  Looking at my possibilities for the coming year I can truly tell you that the best is yet to come.  I know that because my thoughts and my attitude are on the positive track and the results must follow.   This is a law of the universe.

            It does not have to be your birthday or special day to start changing your thinking  process and expecting positive outcomes or goals-everyday should be your birthday-your best day.


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