Is Derek Jeter A Failure


Blasphemy you say, Derek Jeter is most likely a first ballot Hall of Famer.  What would possess me to call him a failure.  Remember, your entire world is based on perception.  If you perceive that failing 7 at of 10 times is truly failure, then you must agree with the title.  Reality tells us however, that in his failing 7 out  of 10 times, he also produced more than 3000 hits so far in his career and will definitely be inducted into the Hall of Fame when he retires.  So you see facts can be misconstrued to fit the circumstance.

In order for us to achieve great things there has to be a period of time in which you use the trial and error method.  In other words, you must try and perform the task over and over again.  Most of these trials would result in you not reaching the outcome you propose.  However, it is in the failing where we learn to try different ways of approaching.  The variation of approach eventually leads to the desired outcome.

When Thomas Edison was asked how he could go on after failing 1000 times to try and invent the light bulb, his reply was simple.  He stated that he found over 1000 ways in which this invention would not work.

Let’s get back to Derek Jeter.  As an avid baseball fan and even more avid Yankee fan, I am amazed at how these athletes are able to take in massive amounts of information and channel it in different directions to perform the desired outcome.  If you observe, you will see that each time Derek approaches the plate he does so with a definite plan in mind and then tries to execute that plan.  He is the quintessential example of what a true winner really is.

So if you ask me now if Derek Jeter is a failure, my answer is that he is someone who is able to take massive amounts of information and channel them towards success.  Failure is just another way of looking at the situation.  Failure tells you that doing the task this way will not produce positive results so, change the approach and you will change the outcome.

I truly want to live my life with the concept of trying my best and if it’s not successful of changing my approach until I am successful.


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