One of the most inane things that I did was to walk 12 feet across a stack of red hot burning coals.  This experience was supposed to show me that fear is all in your head.   Now don’t get me wrong, walking across hot coals is of course, only a metaphor for life.  Physiologically, I should have burned the soles of my feet quite severely.   The only residual effect was a little thickening in the base of the soles of my feet.   The metaphor, however, was loud and clear

          A salesman is constantly told that he or she is only as good as their last sale.  In other words, you have to constantly reinvent yourself to stay on top.  In the case of human dynamics, the statement should be that you are only as good or bad as your last thought.  We all know that good thoughts produce good results and bad thoughts only drag you down deeper.

          It would seem obvious that, given the choice, all people would prefer to think good thoughts.  Remember, it is always a choice.  At any given moment in time, you choose the direction of your thoughts.  The more often you correct yourself from negative to positive thinking, the more you enhance your “success IQ”   Repetition is the key because the patterns that are repeated the most times will produce the most pervasive habits.

          We want to get to a point where we have control over the thoughts we think.   We think to ourselves at the rate of approximately20-200 times per minute.  This is called internal dialogue. By training your brain to think more positively than negatively, you have achieved the greatest gift in life which is control over your thinking.  All of us should strive for that Nirvana of situations, however, the best we can do is to be the best we can be.