Spring is the time of year when most people remove themselves from the hibernation of the cold winter, and venture, once more, to the outdoor elements.  Just as our bodies have slowed down because of the cold and foreboding conditions outside, the spring is the time of year when people get out and prepare themselves for the warmer and usually more productive period.

          When this time of year arrives, one usually makes a list of things that they need to do and an order in which to proceed.  Things like preparing the lawn, getting the sprinkler system to work, cleaning and setting up the outdoor deck and various other activities. Wait a minute-this sounds like something familiar.

          Let’s see, there is an objective to accomplish.  This sounds like a goal.  Next, you developed a list of things to do.  This could be a list of things necessary to accomplish your goal.  Then these tasks are prioritized.  It seems that most people spend more time fixing up their “things” then they do trying to improve the way they think.

          It is a proven fact that the human mind talks to itself at the rate of 20 to 200 thoughts per minute.  What would happen if we were able to control the attitude and direction of those thoughts?  It would make us into directional people rather than more scattered or vacillating.   Just like an explosive charge is placed in a certain shape to get the most amount of energy directed into the area, the human mind can be sharpened in the very same way.  By keeping your thoughts in one direction, i.e. a goal or outcome, you place mental energy in a positive direction. It’s like comparing a shotgun blast at 200 feet as opposed to a single rifle bullet.  The single bullet has more penetration because of its shape.  If we can shape our thoughts like a rifle bullet, at a particular target, we most certainly will hit the mark- it is certain.

          Aim carefully, keep your finger constantly on the trigger, and the results will be a hit every time.