If you followed my blog you would know that I am an avid baseball fan.  I find it interesting, that some people, would call any baseball player a bum or less than a Champion. The fact that these athletes have made it to the major leagues qualifies them as the elite.  To have made it to the major leagues one has to excel at the lower levels of the sport.  Most of these gentlemen were superstars in high school, college and the minor leagues.  By no means were these guys less than adequate or bums.  You see, however,  as you achieve more at a particular craft, the more opportunities open to you, but also comes the responsibility of  performing at a higher level.  When you get the opportunity to perform at that elite level, the task does not become physical, it becomes mental.  It is not always the person that has the most innate talent that wins; it is usually the person that has the most determination, drive and perseverance that gets the job done.

          Sport has always been a perfect metaphor for life. Each day brings a new set of circumstances for you to deal with.  Sometimes you are up for the task and others present more of a challenge.  The constant in all of this is your perception of whether these situations are good or bad.  If the situation is good, how do I praise myself and make sure that I can recapitulate the same set of circumstances.  If, on the other hand, the situation turns out poorly, or in a negative way, what parameters (thoughts, words, actions or decisions)) do I need to change in order for me to achieve the goal the next time around.

          A person should not be judged by how high they are on the mountain of life, they should be judged on their achievements or how far they have come to get there.  When it comes to facing up to the challenges of life, each person has the choice of whether they should be beaten or succeed.  To succeed, however, does not necessarily mean to win; it is more of a measuring stick of your personal success.  Our lives are filled with these decisions.  Choosing the positive direction, gives you the opportunity to succeed. 

          Remember, a batting average of over 300 will usually land you in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  That means however, that you failed at your task 7 times out of 10. It also means that you kept a positive attitude, made corrections, and changed your path until you found the correct set of circumstances. Success is assured if you are willing to change your approach.  Life is like a batting average, if you bat over 300 in your lifetime, you too will be in the Hall of Fame of life.


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