Looking outside my window, on one of the most dreary and yucky days, I had a flash of insight, and imagined what it would be like sitting on my porch in my short sleeves hearing the birds chirp and looking at all of the beautiful foliage that my wife has painstakingly cared for over the years.  The smell of fresh flowers filled the air and a sweet taste of spring was delicious.   Then, like a flash, I was brought back to the reality of wearing my long underwear and turtleneck and watching the snow turned to rain, turned to sleet, then back to snow.

          The above paragraph is a wonderful metaphor, for goal setting.  Within those few lines are all the components that a good goal setter would stipulate.  All of the five senses were included in the picture  I was painting.  The sentence also included emotion and sense of calm and fulfillment.   I can carry around this one scene in my head and refer to it many times during the day.  By doing so, I am literally reading my goals several times during the day.  By using this technique, you keep your eye on the prize consistently.

          The one thing that is different about looking forward to spring and goals is that you know that spring will inevitably come; you do not know whether your goals will come to fruition.  What would happen if you were able to convince yourself that if you kept your eye on the prize for an extended period of time, the chances of that prize becoming reality increases exponentially.  We, as human beings, our goal setting by design, but are also easily distracted from that goal.  The challenge becomes being able to have the tenacity to constantly strive for your goal.  There are so many distractions along the way that it is easy to lose your focus.  Each night, before you go to bed, go over what you did that day that brought you closer to your goal.   Dissect it, reevaluate and reformulate so that tomorrow you can go about achieving your goal, having learned, from the day before.  This process is called growth and is the foundation for you achieving all that you want to achieve.

          One of the most critical aspects of goal setting is faith.  Without faith that this goal will absolutely be achieved, there’s little chance of a positive outcome.  When thinking of this scene, assume the posturing and mental dialogue also.  Become one with the scene and over a period of time you will become what you truly want.

          As the great motivator Zig Zigler said ”see you at the top”