Ever heard the names Tom Brady, Eli Manning or Yangervis Solarte?  I’m sure that most of you recognize Tom Brady or Eli Manning.  Yangervis Solarte is an infielder for the New York Yankees who, after seven years in the minor league’s was invited to spring training to prove whether he was a major leaguer or not.  As of this date he has proved himself to be not only a major leaguer but a star in the making.  For seven years he was passed over by scouts because they thought he did not have what it took to be in the major leagues.  The same stories are true about Tom Brady and Eli Manning when he was in college.  All of these athletes have one thing in common.  Each one of them possesses a fire in their belly which drives them to perform when the chips are down.  I am sure most of my readers know Tom Brady’s story.  He was drafted by the New England Patriots and was relegated to a backup role for a period of time but when given a chance to play he excelled and as of this day will go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.  When Eli Manning was in college, he was a backup quarterback until a game where he was put in and literally lit up the Stadium. 

            What do all of these athletes have in common?   They all possess a great self-esteem and the ability to execute when the time is needed.  Each one of these professionals did not get this way because of raw talent.  Each one of them practiced and practiced until their skills were honed so sharp that they knew when the opportunity presented themselves they would execute to perfection.

            Each one of us has the ability to maximize our talents. How many of us however, hone our skills to a sharp point so that when the opportunity to perform these skills are put to the test they will execute with perfection?  Unfortunately, the truth is that not many will put in the time or effort to be able to execute when asked.  How many times have you procrastinated when you should be practicing?   How many of you look in the mirror and really see the perfection that looks back at you?  Do you have the faith, confidence and belief in yourself to take the opportunity and run with it?  There is no such thing as luck. If you want to define what luck really is-it is when preparation and opportunity meet.

            In order for each one of us to be the best that we can be we must define what we want, investigate how to do it and then practice what is necessary.  When  given the opportunity to perform you execute with perfection.  This is what true winners are made of. 

            It is easy to be positive when things are going great but the true test begins when things are difficult and you must dig deep and find out what you really think of yourself.  Do you fold under pressure or do you have the inner reserve to dig down deep and execute until you get the desired result.  Remember, it’s always up to you.


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