Go Yankees


          In light of all the superstar players placed on the disabled list for the New York Yankees, it is a wonder that they are doing as well as they are-or is it?  What it really comes down to is a combination of great managing and commitment on the part of individuals to rise to the occasion.  On one of Joe Girardi’s TV shows, he states that when players go down, other players need to step up to fill the void.  This is great in theory but reality is usually something different.   It seems to be the ability of the manager to find the right “buttons to push” to get the most out of his less than superstar players.

          I think that what the New York Yankees are doing at this moment is a unique metaphor for life.   You see, when the going really gets tough, the people with the most belief, and faith in themselves rise to the top.  Having had experience treating world-class athletes I have found that their thinking process is far different than most of us.  These individuals are the most goal orientated people on the planet.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, will get in their way of them achieving their goals.   However, it takes a special coach to know when to say the appropriate words which will stimulate the athlete to do more than they thought they were capable of achieving.

          Most individuals, faced with real challenges, think of the myriad of ways that they will fail rather than the one-way or combination thereof to succeed. The athlete on the other hand, will dig down deep and find a way within their psyche to convince themselves that the goal is achievable.  It is in the belief of the person and the guidance of the coach that makes the task a success. 

          Do you have that special person in your life that you can talk to or rely on for sound guidance in difficult situations?  If you do, consider yourself a very lucky person.  For most of us however, these people do not exist. So the real effort has to come from WITHIN to achieve success in these situations.  First and foremost, one needs to have a defined goal in mind.  This goal should include all things that you would see, hear, taste, smell, and touch when its achievement is reached.   By immersing yourself with the positive outcome that you are seeking, you condition your unconscious mind to bring it about.  You see, your unconscious mind is like the magnificent athlete and your conscious mind is the coach.  By finding the right set of words or feelings that you send to your unconscious mind, your ability to reach any goal is truly within sight.  It might be nice or comfortable or convenient for you to hire a life coach or some other individual that will listen and direct you.  In the end, it is your conscious mind directing your unconscious mind to achieve the outcome. You truly are as good as you think and tell yourself you all are.  Be very careful of the words and feelings you choose.

            Are you that person that steps up to the plate with the positive attitude of expectancy or do you just go through the motions? 



          Spring is the time of year when most people remove themselves from the hibernation of the cold winter, and venture, once more, to the outdoor elements.  Just as our bodies have slowed down because of the cold and foreboding conditions outside, the spring is the time of year when people get out and prepare themselves for the warmer and usually more productive period.

          When this time of year arrives, one usually makes a list of things that they need to do and an order in which to proceed.  Things like preparing the lawn, getting the sprinkler system to work, cleaning and setting up the outdoor deck and various other activities. Wait a minute-this sounds like something familiar.

          Let’s see, there is an objective to accomplish.  This sounds like a goal.  Next, you developed a list of things to do.  This could be a list of things necessary to accomplish your goal.  Then these tasks are prioritized.  It seems that most people spend more time fixing up their “things” then they do trying to improve the way they think.

          It is a proven fact that the human mind talks to itself at the rate of 20 to 200 thoughts per minute.  What would happen if we were able to control the attitude and direction of those thoughts?  It would make us into directional people rather than more scattered or vacillating.   Just like an explosive charge is placed in a certain shape to get the most amount of energy directed into the area, the human mind can be sharpened in the very same way.  By keeping your thoughts in one direction, i.e. a goal or outcome, you place mental energy in a positive direction. It’s like comparing a shotgun blast at 200 feet as opposed to a single rifle bullet.  The single bullet has more penetration because of its shape.  If we can shape our thoughts like a rifle bullet, at a particular target, we most certainly will hit the mark- it is certain.

          Aim carefully, keep your finger constantly on the trigger, and the results will be a hit every time.


If you followed my blog you will know that I am a huge fan of the New York Yankees. I have been a Yankee fan all my life, probably because my father was a Yankee nut. To see what has happened to the Yankees this spring is disheartening to say the least. The situation, however, is an important metaphor for life.
In the face of adversity, what will you do? Will you say “poor poor pitiful me”, or will you look for possibilities to improve your current situation. Please read between the lines and realize that I have just given you another example of how choice enters into our everyday thinking.
We are all born with the ability to choose. Our parameters of choice are predicated upon our formative years, as well as our ability to negotiate an outcome based on the facts at hand. If we choose the same outcome over and over again it becomes more of a habit then it does a choice. This in and of itself is counterproductive because most people cannot move forward without the ability to change focus and try different paths. The person who usually comes out ahead in these situations is the one who was able to take all of the choices available, prioritize them, and then set about performing them to find the right fit.
Two examples of dealing with adversity are those of Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. Each of them was faced with a daunting task of rebuilding their bodies to the point where they could perform their particular feats of athleticism at a high level. Both Jeter and Rivera, had to literally learned how to walk again. Unfortunately, I have firsthand knowledge of this process with two knee replacements
The eye must be on the prize not the process. Your ability to adapt to change is the key to your to success. It is logical to assume that you will suffer more defeats than victories but with your vigilance on your achievable outcome, allows you the confidence and drive for success.
Therefore, faced with adversity, choose your goal or outcome and eliminate in your mind all choices except success.
As Zig Ziegler used to say “I will see you at the Top”


 It’s the same old thing, each year people make New Year’s resolutions and they last approximately one to two months. Why is that?  The reason is that most people are unable to change their self-image or internal representation of that particular situation.   The ability to change takes time, effort and direction.

            Imagine for a moment that you had the ability to change any situation. What benefits would that bring you?  Would you be happier, more satisfied or more empowered? The answer to that question is that you should be all three.  In order to change one needs to have direction in the form of an action plan.   Once that action plan has been delineated then particular steps are needed in order to facilitate its fruition. 

            Let’s try and follow a plan into action.  The first thing one has to do is write down exactly what you want to accomplish. Take into consideration all of the parameters that are necessary for the accomplishment of this particular task.  These parameters include:  what would the end result look like, what would it feel like, what particular sounds would you hear and even what it would smell and taste like.  Once these are ingrained within your mind, make a list of particular situations or tasks necessary to lead you down the path of success.    Most importantly, what would you gain by accomplishing this particular task.  Remember, even in the field of human dynamics, there should always be the proverbial reward.

            When my son was growing up, talking about goals in my house was like talking about the weather.  My son, who was approximately 7 years old at the time, asked me if he could do what dad did with this goal stuff.  I asked him to tell me what he wanted and he said a new baseball glove. We then went through all the things that he needed to do and order to get that new glove.  He mentioned to me such things as brushing his teeth, cleaning his room, eating breakfast, going to school, coming home and doing his homework, watching TV and then going to bed.  I told him to write all those things down and check them off as he accomplished each one of these tasks. He woke up the next morning as excited as I’ve ever seen him.  After he brushed his teeth he made a big check mark on the paper, then again after cleaning his room. When he came home from school the first thing he could think about was to check off his school time.  By the time he was supposed to go to bed, he was so excited that he accomplished everything; he couldn’t wait to do it tomorrow.  I had told him, that if he did this for one week, we were going shop for a new baseball glove.  To some extent that was one of his most productive weeks. He did his job, checked it off and was enthused about doing it again.  He surly got that new baseball glove.

            The saying is “Talk is Cheap”; write it down and BELIEVE IT WILL HAPPEN.


            One of the most inane things that I did was to walk 12 feet across a stack of red hot burning coals.  This experience was supposed to show me that fear is all in your head.   Now don’t get me wrong, walking across hot coals is of course, only a metaphor for life.  Physiologically, I should have burned the soles of my feet quite severely.   The only residual effect was a little thickening in the base of the soles of my feet.   The metaphor, however, was loud and clear

          A salesman is constantly told that he or she is only as good as their last sale.  In other words, you have to constantly reinvent yourself to stay on top.  In the case of human dynamics, the statement should be that you are only as good or bad as your last thought.  We all know that good thoughts produce good results and bad thoughts only drag you down deeper.

          It would seem obvious that, given the choice, all people would prefer to think good thoughts.  Remember, it is always a choice.  At any given moment in time, you choose the direction of your thoughts.  The more often you correct yourself from negative to positive thinking, the more you enhance your “success IQ”   Repetition is the key because the patterns that are repeated the most times will produce the most pervasive habits.

          We want to get to a point where we have control over the thoughts we think.   We think to ourselves at the rate of approximately20-200 times per minute.  This is called internal dialogue. By training your brain to think more positively than negatively, you have achieved the greatest gift in life which is control over your thinking.  All of us should strive for that Nirvana of situations, however, the best we can do is to be the best we can be.


It is amazing to realize the incredible force of Mother Nature.  As the storm was raging, I took a look outside to see three 50 ft. high Leyland Cypress trees being forced to the ground.  The incredible amount of strength that that requires is almost unimaginable.  The wind, literally, took these trees to the ground, in one gust.

          I would like to draw an analogy between the force of nature, and the incredible force that each one of us has inside our mind.  When directed in the proper channel, your mind can literally move mountains.  Most humans are totally unaware that they possess this type of awesome power.  What the human mind thinks of on a consistent basis will, indeed, come to pass. 

          Throughout my father’s lifetime, he was obsessed, with the way that his father had passed away.  In his mind, he thought he was just like his father, and would therefore succumb to the same condition.  His father (my grandfather) had passed away in November of his 72nd year of an intestinal blockage. It was no surprise that my father had stomach problems his entire life.  In November of my father’s 72nd year, he developed pain in his abdomen and was rushed to the hospital.  He had developed the exact same condition, in the exact same month, in the exact same year that his father had.  If it was not for the advanced antibiotics of the present day my father would have passed away in the exact same month, biological year and condition that his father had.  As I said before, it was all he thought about.  If my father had had a different mindset, it is my opinion that he would not have developed the stomach problems that plagued his life.

          Each individual has a choice as to whether they can think of a situation in a positive or negative context.  I think it is imperative that each one of us take the positive nugget that is found in each thought and magnify that aspect.  For it is in the constant reiterating of verbiage that the brain will literally direct the body of what to do. 

          I would like to propose that each one of us take a situation and concentrate on the positive aspects and then go about producing that outcome.  Remember, if the forces of nature can take a 50 tree and flatten it to the ground, imagine what your mind can do when placed in the proper context.


Are you truly getting what you want or are you settling for what you need?  That is an interesting sentence because most people will purchase things they want, not necessarily the things that they need.  However, in our thinking process we usually choose necessity first.  A good example of this is someone who wants to take a long vacation but settles for a day at the health spa.  Their thinking is that this little respite from the stress and strain of life will be enough to calm them down.  In actuality, this will cause more consternation then not doing anything at all.  The reason behind this is simple.  When people want something that they know they can’t get (the long vacation), and settle for something less, there unconscious mind beats them up because they really didn’t satisfy the deep-seated need.

Our brain works very systematically.  If you could assume the physiology of seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling and tasting the outcome you desire, you surely will achieve what you set out to do.  You see, the mind is a goal orientated system, which will always give you exactly what you truly want bad or good.  By assuming the physiology or posture of your goal, you are convincing your unconscious mind that you are actually doing the act or outcome you desire.   In its most rudimentary form this takes on the sentence of “fake it till you make it”.  I highly recommend this technique of placing yourself in every aspect of the outcome you want to achieve.  By doing this you are literally changing the way you see, feel, here, smell and taste your outcome.  This produces a change hormonally within your body, which now takes on the new and improved role. This specific technique I elucidate more succinctly in my book Lessons Learned How To Negotiate The Life You Want To Live.  The entire last chapter is dedicated to the formulation and achievement of goals.

By using this technique repeatedly, one will attain a deeper ability to visualize.  It is well documented that visualizing the act will help the body perform better.   This is seen by most athletes before they enter this specific arena of competition.  It’s just like the Sgt. who tells his soldiers that if you do the task correctly in practice, you surely will perform when the time comes.

Remember, practice, practice, and practice. Have a great week!


          A long time ago, I sold World Book Encyclopedia, door to door.  If you tried to do this today, one would have multiple gunshot wounds.  Back in the day, you really could go door-to-door without the fear of being shot.

          One of my trainers told me a story about his best salesman.  He said that this gentleman was not educated at all.  In fact he was truly illiterate.  This man could not read, or write.  In order for him to go out and sell books, he had to be accompanied by someone who could write the orders for him.  So how is it so, that this illiterate man could become the number one salesman.

          The trainer continued the story by describing what this salesperson did during a presentation. He was very personable, and would engage the homeowner and conversation.  He found out some important information about the number of children, the age and goals the homeowner had for their children.  In other words, he was a really good listener.

          Armed with this information, he explained how these books, filled with pictures told a story of learning.  He spoke eloquently, about what you could learn by just looking at these pictures. He did this presentation with such enthusiasm, that most of the homeowners were transfixed by the infinite possibilities these encyclopedias would do for their children.

          By the end of the presentation, most of his prospective clients would purchase the encyclopedias based more on his enthusiasm, then on the content.

          There are basically two types of enthusiasm.  The most common type is listening or participating in a seminar and feeling wonderful during the event.  This type of enthusiasm is short-lived because while you are in the environment it feels really good but when removed from the event the feelings tends to diminish very quickly.

          The other type of enthusiasm stems from an inner drive that is stoked by positive reinforcement of events.  This type of enthusiasm can literally be cultivated by recapitulating positive events that happened during the course of the day.  By mentally exploring the positive aspects of the each day, one becomes adept at changing the normally negative based thinking process into a positive one.  Over a period of time, this positive reinforcement becomes normal.  At that point in time your thoughts are literally trained to conclude positive outcomes rather than negative ones.

          Remember, the most difficult thing that any person can achieve is to have control over his or her thinking process.  It’s not weeds we want to continually grow, it is the flowers.  Flowers take time, caring, persistence and determination in order for them to bloom but when they do they are beautiful and light up your life.  Let’s make flowers not weeds.


          I was asked to speak to a group of sixth graders on the topic of developing a positive mental attitude.  I was quite puzzled as to how to proceed with this topic to 11 and 12 years old. I was used to speaking to adults about the subject.

          While driving to the school, a flash of inspiration hit me and I knew exactly how to proceed.   Armed with this flash of inspiration, I found the classroom and entered. In front of me were 25 smiling faces waiting to soak up my brilliance.  I asked the teacher if she had a pitcher and to fill it up halfway with water. I then asked the kids what they saw. It was amazing to hear the response. The large majority of these 11 and 12-year-old stated that the jar was half full.  It is been my experience that when asked that question to adults, inevitably, they would picture the pitcher as being half empty.

          Isn’t it amazing that young adults recognize this concept faster than their older peers. The answer is that the older adults have more garbage or negative behavior and therefore are less likely to think out of choice rather than habit.  It is sobering to think that as we age our choices become less and less and our habits or negative energies purveyed our existence.  In order for the adult population to change this perception we must use persistence and determination.  For it is with these two characteristics that we can maintain a positive outlook.

          The lesson to be learned here is quite profound. As your thoughts go, so goes your life. Keeping your thoughts positive will keep your youthful energy and optimism.  Remember, you are only as good as your current, dominant thought.  If any of you have trained for an athletic event or some project that you will present in front of an audience, the more you practice the more proficient you will become.  It is crazy to think, that if you get out of bed in a bad mood, you are going to have a good day. It really defies the laws of nature.  Upon waking up in the morning, do you think of what’s good about the day or what’s going to go wrong? Each day, is a new day, for you to think positive and imagine that perfect outcome.  It may seem difficult at first but with practice it will become easier and easier. A positive attitude is so contagious that you’ll have the whole world following you.  Keep those vibes positive.



Is Derek Jeter A Failure


Blasphemy you say, Derek Jeter is most likely a first ballot Hall of Famer.  What would possess me to call him a failure.  Remember, your entire world is based on perception.  If you perceive that failing 7 at of 10 times is truly failure, then you must agree with the title.  Reality tells us however, that in his failing 7 out  of 10 times, he also produced more than 3000 hits so far in his career and will definitely be inducted into the Hall of Fame when he retires.  So you see facts can be misconstrued to fit the circumstance.

In order for us to achieve great things there has to be a period of time in which you use the trial and error method.  In other words, you must try and perform the task over and over again.  Most of these trials would result in you not reaching the outcome you propose.  However, it is in the failing where we learn to try different ways of approaching.  The variation of approach eventually leads to the desired outcome.

When Thomas Edison was asked how he could go on after failing 1000 times to try and invent the light bulb, his reply was simple.  He stated that he found over 1000 ways in which this invention would not work.

Let’s get back to Derek Jeter.  As an avid baseball fan and even more avid Yankee fan, I am amazed at how these athletes are able to take in massive amounts of information and channel it in different directions to perform the desired outcome.  If you observe, you will see that each time Derek approaches the plate he does so with a definite plan in mind and then tries to execute that plan.  He is the quintessential example of what a true winner really is.

So if you ask me now if Derek Jeter is a failure, my answer is that he is someone who is able to take massive amounts of information and channel them towards success.  Failure is just another way of looking at the situation.  Failure tells you that doing the task this way will not produce positive results so, change the approach and you will change the outcome.

I truly want to live my life with the concept of trying my best and if it’s not successful of changing my approach until I am successful.